Other Services

Drug/alcohol testing

I offer several forms of testing TO MY EXISTING CLIENTS ONLY. I don't offer stand-alone testing for the simple reason that I'm in counseling sessions most of the day and can't interrupt them to accommodate a random sample collection for testing.

Here's what I offer:

  • Urine testing. My practices and preferences include:

    • Observed collections whenever possible (far less often than I would wish). Only same-gender observers are used.

    • My default urine screen includes 14 substances, and I have the flexibility to test for other drugs as well.

    • All results are confirmed by GC/MS confirmation (the gold standard) so that there are no arguments about false positives.

    • I adhere to very tight chain-of-custody procedures, so we don't have arguments about samples getting mixed up.

    • For ongoing urinalysis and for some other testing, there is a service I require my clients to use that does the scheduling, collections, and reporting while leaving the clinical decisions about what and how often to test up to me.

  • Hair testing. Contrary to popular myth, it's not hair follicle testing, it's just hair testing. Now that we have nail testing, it’s rare than hair testing is preferable, but it still can be in some situations.

  • Nail testing: better than hair in most cases because it's harder to interfere with but otherwise nearly identical in terms of the information it provides.

  • PEth testing. This is a blood test that can be collected either as a regular blood draw at a lab or as a finger-prick in my office (the finger-prick method rarely works). It tests for binge drinking only, not for drugs and not for minimal alcohol use.

I don't make a dime from drug testing--clients either pay the testing service directly or pay the testing service through me without a mark-up. The exception to this is when I agree to do a stand-alone test for some unusual reason and therefore charge for my time, but this is rare because it's not generally cost-effective and I always make sure that is understood.


Consultations and Reviews

I offer free consultations to attorneys and other professionals up to half an hour. Over that, I charge my hourly rate.

Most consultations are about choosing the right kind of test for the situation, interpreting test results, or figuring out how to manage an unclear situation with an addicted client. I write declarations or other documents as needed, and I am comfortable producing attorney work products.

Occasionally I do forensic reviews of substance abuse evaluations if there is a safety concern or other serious reason to do so.

Public Speaking

I'm available to present to groups on the subjects of drug testing and interpretation, forensic assessments, and the intersection of substance abuse and parenting.