My strengths as a GAL

What I know:

  • I am an expert in substance abuse.

  • I “get” domestic violence. I can recognize it even when it’s more verbal/control-oriented than physical, I understand why victims don’t leave, and I understand the effects on children.

  • I have worked with thousands of substance abuse treatment clients who had co-occurring mental health issues including mild to severe anxiety, mild to severe (including suicidal) depression, personality disorders, bi-polar disorder, paranoia, and psychosis, so I’m adept at recognizing them.

  • I have also worked with hundreds of substance abusers who were either perpetrators or victims of sexual abuse (or both). I can recognize grooming.

What I do:

  • I pick through the he-said/she-said; I think the details are important to an accurate investigation.

  • I write thorough and analytical reports.

  • My personal approach is to rely heavily on the facts in each case and to constantly question my own assumptions. I approach every case from the perspective of someone who is trying to learn.

GAL fees are $120 per hour with a $3000 deposit to get started. As with all services at EHC, we accept cash or check—no cards.