Eagle Harbor Counseling document downloads (all pdf):


Intake packet

  • If you print this, read it, fill it out, and bring it to your first appointment, that will save time for more clinical work in the session, and in some cases it might also save you money.

Release of Information / Releases for drug/alcohol records have to be filled out exactly right according to CFR 42 regulations. Treatment agencies cannot act on releases that don't meet all the criteria. If you want to request information from me, print and fill out a release, sign it (or have the appropriate person sign it), and send me the original. I've provided an example so you can see how to do it properly.


Miscellaneous links:


King County Guardian ad Litem Registry for 2019; Julia Jensine is listed on page 3.

You can find the June 2018 Directory of Certified Behavioral Health Services in Washington State (a list of all certified addiction treatment agencies, organized by county) here. It appears that this is no longer being updated.

You can find my favorite addiction blog, Addiction Inbox, here. The author doesn't post often anymore, but it's full of great information.

Newport Academy has a good blog about substance abuse and mental health issues for teens and their families here.

I like Science Direct for straight research information. This link will take you to search results for “addiction,” but you can do any search you like.