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Office & Mailing Address: 600 Winslow Way E, Suite 232, Bainbridge Island, WA 98110

Driving directions from the ferry:

When you drive off the ferry, there is one traffic light that’s not at an intersection—it’s just to allow pedestrians to cross. You can only go straight through it. When you come to the second light, which is at an intersection, turn right, and then turn left to go behind the very first building. The building has Umpqua Bank and John L Scott Real Estate in it. Just find an unmarked spot in the parking lot behind the building—there’s lots of parking, all free. The main entrance is also in the back. The ferry will cost something in the neighborhood of $30 round trip. Prices go up in the summer.

Driving directions from the highway:

Go south on Highway 305 towards the ferry. Pass the intersection where you see the McDonald's. At the next intersection you'll see the art museum on your right and the police station kitty-corner to your left. Turn left there, and then left again into the first driveway, which goes behind my building. Turn left into the parking lot.

Walking directions from the ferry:

Walk off the ramp with all the other people but as soon as you see glass doors on your left, go through them and down the ramp to the road. Stay on that same side of the road and walk up to the main intersection. You’ll see my building across the street on the right-hand corner at that point. The ferry costs around $8—you buy your ticket in Seattle and go to the waiting area on the right of the ticket booth (for Bainbridge/Winslow). It’s free for pedestrians entering on Bainbridge to go to Seattle (not for cars) so there’s no need for a return ticket.

If you miss the side ramp going down to the street, no problem. When you get up to the terminal, walk uphill diagonally to your left, past the payment machines and continuing in that direction, until you reach the road. Go left and you’ll see my building across the street on the right. Go this way if  it's raining so you can be protected at least part of the way.

In my building:

The main entrance is in the back to the right of the bank. Go up the stairs and down the hall to your left, past the sink. There’s no suite number by my door but there is a sign ON the door that says “Eagle Harbor Counseling, Julia Jensine.” If the door is closed that means I’m with a client in a counseling session. In that case, if you go a little further down the hall, there’s a small waiting room on the right and I’ll come look for you when I’m free.