Treatment Counseling


Level 1 / Regular counseling

Any treatment under nine hours per week is known as Level 1 treatment, or non-intensive outpatient.

Historically, clients have been coming in for one-hour individual sessions once or twice per week, although it could go up or down depending on need. The State has just begun requiring that every Level 1 patient attend a weekly group, so we are working on complying with that regulation, although we hope that the bulk of our practice will remain individual.

Level 2 / Intensive Outpatient

Any treatment consisting of nine hours per week or more is known as Level 2, or intensive outpatient (IOP). IOP is generally run as a group. It's too time-consuming for one counselor to do alone so I don't offer it. You can find a place that does offer it here; note that the directory is organized by county.

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Other Counseling

Family members of people with addictions sometimes benefit from counseling or education aimed at helping them deal with the secondary effects of addiction.